1. Babies are born color blind.

Their color perception develops gradually, usually reaching a full ability to recognize and distinguish colors at about 5 months.

2. Our irises have over 256 unique characteristics.

Compare that to fingerprints, which only have about 40. This is why many new security measures have iris scans instead of fingerprint scans.

3. When we’re attracted to someone, our pupils dilate as much as 45%.

In addition, women with dilated pupils are judged to be more attractive. In fact, Italian women in the Middle Ages capitalized on this idea by using belladonna to dilate their own pupils. Don’t try that at home, though; belladonna is toxic to your eyes!

4. The colossal squid has the largest eyes on the planet,

measuring 10.6 inches across!

5. Why did pirates wear eye patches?

It was actually a trick to help them see better. The eye with the patch was used to see in the dark below deck, while the uncovered eye was used for bright light above deck.

6. Shark corneas are amazingly similar to humans’.

They’re close enough that shark corneas have been used for human transplant surgery.

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