Laser Vision Correction

We are committed to ensuring that you get the best possible treatment no matter the type of eye problem you have.  Along with his extensive experience and training in eye care, Dr. Armin Vishteh has invested in the most state of the art technology available to ensure he has the tools to give you the utmost quality in vision.

LASIK Technology

Dr. Vishteh has used many types of lasers for performing LASIK and PRK, including VISX Star, the LADARVision 4000, the Bausch and Lomb Technolas, Wavelight Allegretto, and the Nidek EC-5000. He has selected laser platforms capable of performing  highly accurate, wavefront-guided procedures, using three dimensional and torsional eye tracking that ensures you get exactly the correction designed for you, despite movements in your eye.

Our committment to technological advances includes incorporation of custom (Wavefront-guided) technology using  special analysis to produce a detailed map of light rays as they travel through the eye creating a map of the optical system similar to a “fingerprint”. This is much more precise than standard measurements and can be directly programmed into the excimer laser customizing the surgery for each eye’s unique vision correction needs. Benefits include: higher likelihood of achieving better quality vision, lesser likelihood of having night vision difficulties i.e. glare, haloes, starbursts, and potential for improvement in vision over that possible with glasses or contact lenses

We are also committed to updating our laser technology regularly, with both software and hardware updates that ensure our laser continues to perform at the state of the art.

During your consultation, we can answer any questions about the equipment we use in treating your eye conditions.

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