Dry eye is a very common condition affecting million of people; its commonly manifests as redness, burning, a sandy gritty feeling which can worsen as the day goes on, as well as light sensitivity and blurred vision. Dry eye is caused by an abnormality associated with our own tears. Since tears are made of three different layers (mucous, aqueous, lipid) any imbalance in production of these layers can lead to development of dry eyes.

Common causes of dry eyes include: age (more common as we age), hormonal changes especially post- menopausal, certain medications (such as antihistamines, antidepressants, beta-blockers, and oral contraceptives), auto-immune disorders (such as Sjogrens Syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, and lupus), allergies among others.

Treatment includes:

  • Replacement of tears with over the counter artificial tears and gels
  • Treatment of concurrent eyelid issues like blepharitis and meibomitis with eyelid scrubs and hot compresses
  • Punctual plugs which slow down tear drainage and allow our own tears to stay on the eye for a longer period of time relieving the dryness symptoms
  • Medicated drops which reduce the inflammatory component associated with dry eyes leading to improved tear production
  • Over the counter remedies such as omega 3 supplements and flax seed supplements
  • Lifestyle changes including reduction of exposure to fans and air blowing into the eyes, reducing computer usage, and using a humidifier

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