Erin Kafieh – Quality Manager
Dr. Vishteh,

I have been unable to see clearly for the last 30 years. I’ve considered Lasik before but never felt comfortable with a doctor. Then I met you….
As a patient, you treated me with care and respect. The process and procedure went exactly as you described and I am blessed daily with the gift of perfect sight.
As a RN who holds a position as a National Quality Manager for a major insurance company, I can say with confidence that the quality of your service and clinical care is exemplary!
My only regret is that I did not get the Lasik procedure sooner. I believe I was waiting to get it done by the best!
I can never thank you enough!

Erin Kafieh

Walter L. Farmer
I chose Dr. Vishteh six years ago to perform my LASIK surgery and have been very happy with the results.

Dr. Vishteh and his team were helpful and reassuring before the surgery, during the surgery and throughout my aftercare, always answering my many questions.

My vision had been poor since I was a youngster and I was burdened for over fifty years with either glasses or contact lenses until I met Dr. Vistheh. Dr. Vishteh was able to correct my vision completely and , six years later, my vision is still 20/20.

I recommend Dr. Vishteh as a leading ophthalmologist in laser vision correction.

Lauren Prewitt, D.O.- Physician OB/GYN 
The Laser Vision Center is wonderful! Dr. Vishteh’s staff are warm and friendly. My lasik experience was excellent. I would encourage anyone to get evaluated, and if you are a good candidate for lasik correction, to go ahead with the procedure! You will have no regrets!

Cal Villareal 
Wow! Lasik has greatly improved my life. I wore contacts for 10 yrs. And every year it got worse. The red eyes, blurry vision and not being able to see right away in the morning. In a way you can say that lasik has given me back time. The time I used to spend dealing with my contacts of events associated with them. Simple things like WIND used to be a problem for me (red eyes, watery eyes). Since lasik, I feel I am more confident than I used to be. Dr. Vishteh and his crew have been great. Not once while in his office did I feel nervous or uncomfortable. Dr. Vishteh and his crew are great. Eager to help you get through it with the leas amount of discomfort.

I felt relaxed and comfortable with Dr. Vishteh, nothing was rushed. All my questions were answered promptly and honestly. The day after lasik I was able to see without my contacts and even drove myself to the follow up visit.

Thank you Dr. Vishteh & crew this has been a life changing experience.

Julie Martin – Aerospace Engineer
Thank you so much for the wonderful experience! Dr. Vishteh you and your staff are amazing. My procedure was quick and painless. I’m still amazed that I can wake up in the morning and not have to wear contacts or glasses. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to see better than ever after 12 years of bad eyes. I would recommend Lasik to anyone who is thinking about having the procedure. You will not be disappointed!

Thank you so much for the awesome job you did on my eyeballs! Now I really can see what I’ve been missing!

Lois J. Hewitt – Flight Instructor
Dr. Vishteh and staff,
I just wanted to tell you how absolutely thrilled I am with how my eyes have turned out. At 56 years old, and as a pilot and flight instructor, I was very apprehensive about having done with my eyes. They’re the only ones I’ll ever have.  I’m sure you’ve all heard that before. I had researched for several years about lasik and had visited your website before finding out that’s where my insurance would send me. You were all wonderful, explaining exactly what was going to happen during the surgery, not just once but several times. The pre and post op treatment was good, too. I didn’t feel like I was shuffled off to a technician who did the surgery, but Dr. Vishteh was there before and after, taking care of things. My daughter, who had lasik some years ago, was a bit envious when I told her how it went. I’m glad I paid the bit more money…. It was well worth it.

As a pilot, it is so wonderful to see so clearly, things that were slightly blurry before are now so crystal clear. Sometimes, I get caught up just looking around while my student flies the airplane and I marvel at what I had been missing for so many years.

Yes, I do have to wear reading glasses now, but that’s a small price to pay for the vision I now have and the enjoyment I have now seeing.

Joselito Faustino, PhD.- Psychologist
Having this procedure has changed my life. It has given me my sight back without the aid of glasses or contacts. My vision is clear with no complications from the surgery, Dr. Vishteh and his staff are exceptional, kind, receptive, and welcome you. They make you feel good in being a patient. They are patient and professional in caring for me as a patient. I would gladly refer any of my colleagues, staff students and friends to Dr. Vishteh’s clinic for the lasik procedure. Thank you for the wonderful care you have given me.

Lisa Landazuri
Dear Sr. Vishteh & staff,
Thank you very much for the PRK procedure, which was done on January 2008! Your office staff provided me with the utmost attention and care before, during, and after the procedure. I was very pleased with the personal communication received, even during your vacation, since I was on my way to Iraq in support of our service members. I would highly recommend you to anyone considering optical surgery! Thanks to the procedure, I no longer need glasses, which I have worn for the past 20+ years!

Evan F.
I had been considering laser vision correction for a long time.  I work in a very dirty and dusty environment and contacts were a nightmare.  Then, one day a lady came in to my work and was raving about her recent eye surgery and how wonderful her vision already was.  She referred me to Dr. Vishteh, so I set up an appointment for a free consultation.  After doing my research, I felt very confident in choosing Dr. Vishteh to perform my procedure.  His friendly staff took excellent care of me on all my visits before, during, and after the procedure.  My prior vision without contacts was about 20/100 to be modest, about 20/20 with contacts, and now that Dr. Vishteh performed the Custom PRK procdure on my eyes, I now see vividly with 20/15 vision.  I am very happy I chose to have my vision corrected by Dr. Vishteh and am confident you will too, because now it’s my turn to rave about how well I can see!

Sue Oxarart – Marketing Director
After years of wishing for normal eyesite I am so pleased that some wishes do come true! My eye surgery was simple, painless, and such a wonderful feeling to wake up every morning with excellent vision. I highly recommend Dr. Vishteh and his professional staff.

Valorie Hughes – Sales Representative
My experience at the Laser Vision Center was excellent and far exceeded my expectations. From the beginning first consultation I was impressed by Dr. Vishteh and Deborah and Jackie’s professionalism and confidence. I knew they really cared about my long term satisfaction and appreciated all the follow up telephone calls to remind of appointments and to answer all of my questions. Not only do I have perfect eyesight up close and far away but I am no longer chained to my uncomfortable glasses and this procedure ended up boosting my confidence and self- esteem. I would recommend this laser center to anyone who wants to improve their eyesight and quality of life.

Jennie Arenas
Dr. Vishteh & staff, I wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks for giving me the gift of better eyesight. I commend you on the professionalism and excellent care provided to me and I applaud your patience with me & my nervousness. I am very happy to have found you. I will recommend you to all I know. Thanks so much!

Susan Karaiscos
Dear Dr. Vishteh and Staff,
It has now been a month since my lasik eye surgery and everyday it gets better and better to be able to see all that I have missed unless wearing my glasses all these years. The best for me… wasn’t seeing the clock on the wall after Dr. Vishteh finished the surgery…(because all my clock in my house were big)… But it was when I got in my car to drive home and I could see my dashboard, all the fine letters and numbers were ever so clear without putting on my glasses to turn on the air conditioner… to be avel to wear fashionable sunglasses is truly the best.

Dr. Vishteh, you’re so caring and so sincere in making sure that everyone had the fullest capacities in their vision. Deborah, thank you for all your expertise and helping me get over the nervousness of this procedure. And Nicole, you were the first one that I spoke to when I called and you gave me so much information on the easy financing that your office provides…. If it weren’t for that I probably would have never been able to afford to have this luxury of sight…. And now that I go in for my check up visits… I feel like family.

Thank you All!

Cynthia Antill, R.N.- Registered Nurse
There aren’t enough words to describe how I feel about my new vision!
You and your staff are beyond words. I’m telling everyone, everywhere I go!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

Rene Wilson- Social Services
In the beginning my life was seen through eyes with a blur I could not see the numbers on a clock or understand the view. One day I heard an announcement from the radio 89.7 KSGN to be exact. I went in for a visit to meet the staff and at that moment I knew the Laser Vision Center would be the place to bring my corrected vision back. The service and the care was professional in every way. From the beginning to the end the Laser Vision Center took good care of me. I recommend them highly my approval they do have for all your vision correction needs Dr. Vishteh and his staff should be your final choice.
I write this poem for those of you that cannot hear the joy in my voice. The joy I have because my life has changed; no longer do I need contact lenses or the glasses to wear.
No more stumbling in the night because before the surgery. Without these things mentioned I could not find my way through the night. I am so grateful to receive the 20/20 gift of sight. There was no blood or being put to sleep. I was fully aware of what was going on and when the procedure was finished the clock I could immediately read.If you have the opportunity to utilize the Laser Vision Center’s Service, no need to fear or become nervous you will receive great care.
My experience was awesome so please take this advice from me.
The Laser Vision Center did a great job and improved my ability to see!

Maria Groves- Bank Teller
Dr. Vishteh, I can’t thank you enough. Your expertise made me feel relaxed. Don’t be surprised to see my husband soon! Clearly I can see better now! WOW!
Thank you!

Kimberly Stone – Enterprise Analytics
When I went in to have the surgery Dr. Vishteh asked me to look on the wall at the
clock and tell him what time it was. I could not see the numbers on the
clock at all, I could barely make out that there was a clock on the wall.
The surgery took all of about 25-30 seconds per eye. Immediately after the
surgery, I was able to see the numbers on the clock and tell Dr. V what time
it was. The next day, my eye sight was 20/20 and three days later my eye
sight was 20/15.

I have a freedom that I cannot explain now! I see better than I did with
glasses or contacts and I have saved so much money since I no longer have to
pay the cost of getting stronger pair of glasses or buying contacts and all
of the materials that go with it. My make-up is no longer overshadowed by
bulky glasses, I can wear fashionable sunglasses now and I can see better
than people with 20/20 vision! It has been the greatest investment that I
could have made from a cost savings, safety and convenience perspective!

Dr. V and his staff are experienced, knowledgeable and professional! I have
and will continue to recommend Dr. V and his staff to anyone who is wearing contacts or glasses! It is the greatest investment that you can make!

Cheri B.
Getting lasik eye surgery was the best decision I’ve ever made. My whole life has changed and I’m so thankful. I was scared at first but Dr. Vishteh answered all my questions and calmed all my fears. He and his staff made it a great experience for me and I am now recommending him to everyone!

Stephanie Allen
After consulting with several doctors about the lasik procedure, I found Dr. Vishteh to be the most qualified and definitely the most caring. He was very informative about the procedure and addressed all of my questions and concerns with clarity so that I knew step by step what would happen before and after the procedure took place. His office staff made me feel like I was with my own family and not once did I feel uncomfortable while the procedure was being performed. I now have perfect vision and I have not experienced any side effects from having lasik. It was one of the best experiences of my life and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I continuously recommend Dr. Vishteh to friends, family and acquaintances and I highly recommend him to anyone who is seeking a wonderful doctor to improve their vision and take care of all of their eye care needs.

Kathie Bailey – Sales Support at Bank of America
After 40 yrs. Of daily fussing with glasses and contacts, I finally made the decision to have vision correction surgery. I am so grateful for Dr. Vishteh and his staff (Deborah and Jackie). They were very patient and considerate of my fears and concerns. At every step of the process, they answered all my questions and took the time to make me feel at ease with the procedure. I can now see better than I can ever remember, without glasses or contacts! This is the best thing I have ever done for myself and worth every penny. I would highly recommend Dr. Vishteh and the Laser Vision Center. Thank you.

Robert Velez
Dear Dr. Vishteh & Staff,
As I quickly approach my 1year anniversary of my surgery I am reminded how far I have truly come. I am now 42 years old and I can still remember the day I started wearing glasses, I was 8 years old. I wore glasses until I was 18 and then changed to contact lenses. Wearing glasses and contacts for most of my life, I thought they would always be at my side or on my eyes. I fought through many eye infections, dryness and since I play in many sports, that entire problem. At one point; since my prescription was over -10.00 (they did not make contacts for that correction at the time), I was forced to wear glasses over my contacts just to see at night and read. Needless to say they became and for years were a big hassle.

I started thinking about laser surgery a couple of years ago and have always heard “I was not a good candidate for laser surgery due to my prescription”. After a long summer of fighting my contacts at the beach, camping, swimming, surfing and just spending time outside, I had enough. It took me several months of searching, going to appointments and talking to everyone to find the right doctor comes the day of the surgery and you never see him gain, still other places just didn’t make me feel comfortable. I was almost ready to give up when I got your name from my insurance company.

From the first day I was made to feel important and cared about. The people were friendly and took the time to explain the entire process to me. I always felt that I was being told the truth about the surgery and my very bad prescription. The best part was the doctor that would to the surgery was the same person checking me before and after the surgery. This was the main reason I chose Dr. Vishteh. The day of the surgery I was nervous, like everyone else in the room, but again the staff came through, they made us comfortable and eased all of our concerns. The next day I knew I had a problem, but again seeing the doctor that did the surgery, he fixed it right there and then.

One year later, I am still as excited as I was the first couple of days after the surgery. We spent the entire summer away; camping at the beach, surfing, hiking and spending a lot of time outside. At no time did I have to stop and think about not doing anything due to my contacts. I went on with my life. For the better part of 34 years I had worn glasses or contacts, everyday. Not wearing them was impossible. I never thought that I could be able to see this well and do it without anything in or on my eyes. My vision today is the best it has ever been. I don’t worry about being outside doing the things I want to do. Over the course of this past year I have had no problems, and my eyesight is great.

Thank you for changing my life. If anyone of your patients is having second thoughts about the surgery, doctor, service and follow- up, have them call me.

Faith Higgins
Dear Dr. Vishteh,
I just wanted to thank you and your staff for the outstanding care I was given during my lasik surgery, The individual attention I received exceeded all my expectations. Thank you again for such a great experience and for caring.

Adalyn Watts – Librarian
Imagine, if you will, possibly the world’s worst candidate for corrective refractive surgery. I am diabetic, have had a previous retinal detachment repair twenty years ago and I am no spring chicken. When I brought up the idea of Lasik surgery with another Ophthalmologist, she referred me to Dr. Vishteh.

Although, Dr. Vishteh thought the surgery would be possible, he sent to me a retina specialist for a second opinion, just to be careful. The retina specialist said he thought my repaired eye was actually stronger than most other eyes and I should be able to do anything with that eye that I could do with another eye.

Dr. Vishteh operated on both eyes about four months ago. In my case, I opted to have the wavefront done as well. This is a once in a lifetime thing and not the time to cut corners.

At my follow up appointment last week, my vision was 20/20 plus in both eyes. Even though initially my left eye had better vision than my right, and Dr. Vishteh said if the difference persisted, he could go back in and do minor adjustments, it has not been necessary.

The result is better than I thought possible. For the first time since I was in the sixth grade, I can see without glasses or contacts. Like a friend who is my age said about Lasik surgery, you just wish you had not waited so long.

For anyone considering Lasik or other corrective surgery, I highly recommend Dr. Vishteh. He is approachable and accessible. He takes the time to consider his patient’s particular concerns and to answer all your questions.

Carolyn Marshal
It’s amazing what I have been missing even with my glasses. This is the best decision ever. Dr. Vishteh, Deborah and Jackie were all wonderful, never rushing with their exams or information. Everyone has been very professional. This is something I would recommend for anyone considering a change from contacts or glasses. This is wonderful!

Cynthia A.
Dr. Vishteh, thank you for your wonderful work on my eyes. This surgery has been the best thing I’ve done for myself. I really enjoy life more than ever. I want to thank you and your staff for being very supportive and making this Lasik procedure possible for me.

Diana M. Rogers – Retired
My whole experience from start to finish with Dr. Vishteh and his staff has been outstanding. I should have done this years ago. I’m very thankful with all the help and answers from him and his staff. I’m passing my good fortune of seeing to all my friends, who are glad that I was the first to try the surgery. Again thanks for making me see clearly.

Helena Hathaway
After having RK surgery many years ago in another state, my eye was messed up. (not here at Dr. Vishteh’s office) My surgery here at the Laser Vision Center by Dr. Armin Vishteh put my eye back on track and I can see again. Thanks!

Jennifer S – Pharmaceutical Sales
As a new resident of California, finding a surgeon that made me feel comfortable and confident was of the utmost importance. Not only was I unfamiliar with the area, and anyone in it, but this procedure held tremendous personal significance as well.

When my grandparents passed away I was given the gift of money and I knew that whatever I used the money for needed to be very special. Being dependent upon significant vision correction for the majority of my life, I knew the gift of sight would be the absolute perfect way to honor them.

As my vision gained stability, I began researching my options and, although previously terrified by gruesome procedural stories, I knew that corrective surgery was what I wanted. I contacted many area surgeons and finally found Dr. Vishteh and his team. At my first visit I know they were the right fit. I was welcomed with a smile and was given an extensive explanation of my procedural options. Each person I spoke with made me feel extremely comfortable and confident that I was making the best decision… even when I called in day after day with additional questions.

After what felt like an eternity, the day of my surgery finally arrived, I have to admit I was very nervous since I was alone, but the moment I walked though the doors, I felt like I was with family. Jackie welcomed me with a smile, Deborah gave me a hug and Michele held my hand as I prepared for the surgery to begin. Once it was all over, I was sat up and asked if I could read the clock on the wall. My vision was so bad when I walked in I didn’t even know there was a clock there. I opened my eyes, read 10:15 and began to cry.

I have been back to their office nearly every week since and each visit has been a treat. I started with vision so bad I couldn’t recognize my own reflection from a foot away and I am now up to 20/10 -2 vision !! I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Vishteh and his wonderful team for giving me this amazing gift that makes my grandparents proud every day.

Maggie Jimenez
I researched several eye institutes in the area. With my new eye vision benefit available thru my San Bernardino County employment, I wanted to get the most for my money. I saved a little over $1000.00 with Dr. Vishteh – The Laser Vision Center. I don’t need glasses or corrective contacts any longer. I should have done this long ago. Dr. Vishteh and his staff are friendly and very helpful.

Georgia Kopitzke, R.N.- Registered Nurse
Thank you Dr. Vishteh and staff for making my lasik procedure a success. With your attitude of friendliness and professionalism, you made me feel at ease. I will gladly highly recommend you to anyone interested. Each morning is a joy to open my eyes and have visual clarity without glasses or contacts.

John Andres – Quality Manager
I was always curious how well the Lasik Procedure would work for me. I have always had terrible vision, ever since I was eight years old. I knew several people who had the procedure done, and they recommended it to me since they were so happy with their results. I knew my vision was so poor that maybe this procedure was not even possible for me. I came to Dr. Vishteh’s office to see if I was a candidate. After the initial check up, it was determined I was a candidate, though I was at the limits!! I was told there was a possibility I may need a follow-up procedure later on because of this. Still, I had a very good chance I’d be completely successful. I made the decision to have the Lasik procedure done. My only fear now was how I can overcome anyone poking around in my eyes. I have very sensitive eyes! It was actually very easy, but it took a little work on Dr. Vishteh’s behalf so that I’d allow the work on my eyes.

The procedure went very well and QUICK! There was no time to be nervous about it since in 2 minutes it was done. Recovery was not as bad as everyone said, either. I followed all of Dr. Vishteh’s advice, so I only experienced mild discomfort for a day. After recovery, I could see exactly like I did with glasses (if not better). It only took some time for my eyes to become accustomed to focusing on things themselves. With glasses, my eyes did not have to work so hard.

Now, nine months later, it is like I never had glasses.  It feels great not to have to deal with glasses except for stylish sunglasses that I did not have before.  And, there was no follow-up procedure needed!  If there is a drawback, I cannot see things close-up.  This is easily a better trade-off than not seeing anything else.  I’d recommend the procedure to anyone, even those people who are squeamish about touching their eyes.  If I can have it done, then ANYONE can!

Good luck on YOUR eye surgery!

Nicole A – Student
I always wondered what my life would be like if I didn’t have to depend on my contacts. Thanks to Dr. Vishteh and my wonderful co workers, I don’t have to wonder anymore. My vision is better than ever! During my last visit I was told my vision was 20/15 which is better than most of my friends who have never had to wear glasses. I am so glad I had this done. If you’ve been thinking about having lasik and have doubts about it don’t wait another minute. Believe me it’s worth every penny.

Yolanda Orozco
I have considered lasik for years and never had the nerve to get the surgery done…  Just the thought of surgery on someone’s eyes let alone my own scared me but then I was blessed to meet Dr. Vishteh and his staff they were so caring, very professional, and friendly. Any questions or concerns I had were all answered. I have referred Dr. Vishteh and his great staff to my friends and family and I will continue. Thank you for making this a wonderful experience for me.

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