Dr. Armin Vishteh offers free, no-obligation consultations for laser vision correction procedures. This means that you can have your eyes and vision fully evaluated and have all your questions about the procedure answered.

A Thorough Evaluation

The first part of your LASIK consultation is dedicated to determining whether you are a candidate for LASIK, wavefront LASIK/PRK, or PRK.

This begins with a detailed medical history followed by testing which includes:

  • Visual Acuity testing with and without correction
  • Measurement of spectacle or contact lens prescription
  • Testing of ocular motility
  • Testing of confrontational visual fields
  • Determination of eye dominancy
  • Measurement of pupil size in light and dim conditions
  • Automated refraction
  • Manifest refraction
  • Cycloplegic refraction
  • Corneal topography and pachymetry (thickness measurement)
  • Wavefront mapping using custom LASIK technology
  • Slit lamp examination including dilation to detect general eye problems
  • Tonometry to measure intra-ocular pressures
  • Testing for dry eyes

After this extensive set of tests, a treatment plan with our particular needs will be designed in order to give you the best possible outcome. You will work one on one with Dr. Vishteh during this process.

No Obligation Q&A

All consultations are performed by Dr. Vishteh himself. After the exam, he will stay to make sure all your questions are answered. The consultation can take as much time as you need to make sure you fully understand the risks and benefits of your treatment plan. Dr. Vishteh wants to ensure you make a fully informed decision.

But you’re not expected to make a decision at the consultation. You can take everything you’ve learned and go home to think it over. Talk to family and friends. Make the decision that’s right for you.

Please contact Armin Vishteh, MD today for a free consultation at our offices in: Rancho Cucamonga, Burbank, Santa Monica.

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